LAZY DUO 紋身貼紙 HK 香港 紋身貼紙 Custom TEMPORARY TATTOO PRESS Taiwan 刺青 印刷 訂做 少量 sale Nature Butterfly Hummingbird Love Lettering calligraphy Minimal LAZYDUO Alchemy Spiritual Geometric Roman Boho Mandala Temporary Tattoo Sticker floral flower temp tat star nontoxic magical artsy artistic art drawing paper sticker blue hand drawn watercolor black realistic skin safe nontoxic flower Accessories skull arrow alchemy geometry ink boho Spiritual temporary sticker minimal bohemian roman Chic cute girl sexy – LAZY DUO TATTOO

LAZY DUO makes artistic and realistic temporary tattoos.  We believe temporary tattoo should be as beautiful and meaningful as real tattoo, so we put great attention to details and treat every tattoo as our masterpiece.  We strive for great original  designs, high printing quality and guaranteed product safety.



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